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Penelope J. Blizzard-McGrath

Attorney and Counselor at Law


Quotes Dear Penni, Thank you falls so short. My custody and child support issues were a mess, as you know. If any other attorney were on this case I would have been incarcerated. Your attention to detail saved me not only jail time, but a ton of money and turned the case around. I am not the easiest person to work with; your tenacity kept me on track and focused the entire time. My case file was a mess when you receive it, missing paperwork, hand written notes that made no sense and just general disarray. You took the time to look over everything and in the end find the one issue no one else was capable of. We walked into court confident and ready. I am lucky to have such a professional, detail oriented attorney on my side. I would recommend your services to anyone who asked. You truly are in my opinion the best legal counsel any one could hope for. Again THANK YOU so much. I remain Respectfully yours, William V. Likos Quotes

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